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I bought a few books from Amazon, kind of a quarterly treat to myself. They have been on my dresser for quite some time now without me even looking through them, except of course "It Itches" which I had to leaf through right away. Funniiiieee... I just love Franklin.

The reason I have not posted this picture for so long is the book to the far left. Yes, I spent money on another diet and exercise book and have not touched it yet. But hey, I really have to start to do something as I am gaining weight by the minute. The Mister, tactful as he always is, said that I might want to put it on top of the pile, maybe that will help me lose some weight. He did not say it may help me to be reminded to have a look at it, no he had to put it bluntly, you don't lose weight by buying these books,hey, very funny.

Today I grabbed 'Bel Canto' (see Favorites listed on the right) and after the first chapter it is very promising. I don't want to put it down, but lunch is only an hour, I can't read at my desk or while driving (although I do sometimes read or knit at a long traffic light). And now I do not have the time for a tantalizing story as I want to finish (or let's rather say, start) the fingerless gloves.

Ich habe gerade das zweite Kommissar Kluftinger Buch gelesen Erntedank. Da musste ich doch oftmals lachen: die Szene im Erlebnisbad mit der Mini-Badehose, die Erika ihm ausgesucht hatte und dem Bussi-Baer Handtuch. Koestlich.
Meine Eltern haben mir versprochen, sie schicken mir das naechste Buch und nehmen auf alles auf, wenn es als Film laeuft. Ich hatte auch 'Laienspiel' gelesen, aber der zweite Band gefiel mir besser.
Nun, wie schon oben erwaehnt lese ich gerade die ersten paar Seiten des Romans Bel Canto - schon sehr vielversprechend.

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  1. I'm not sure whether it's okay to laugh at his comment, "You don't lose weight by buying the books," but it is pretty funny!

    I want the Yarn Harlot's calendar. I emailed the Amazon link to my husband with the subject line "gift idea", so here's hoping!