Last minute gift

As usual I am late with gifts as I am not a very good gifter in the first place. I do not like to go shopping and I never have any great ideas for other people, family or friends. So, I suddenly remembered that I will have lunch with one of my best friends today. In times of financial distress I had bought her some fragrance stuff at a drugstore and then I wanted to add a gift card to her favorite store. But payday is after Christmas, and I have run out of funds as I am the one paying all the bills at home....., well, what can I say. I have leftover yarn (that acrylic stuff) in gray, goes with any color and I have this pattern from Ysolda. Et Voila, here are the footsies, which I hope will fit her as I do not know her shoe size either. But what the heck, it is a handknitted gift, made with love. Thanks Ysolda for such a fast and easy project.





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