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Thank you Yarnhog for pointing out that Google Adsense has posted a political ad on my blog. I was not aware that at the end of today's post you could see an ad to 'Vote Yes on Prop 8'. A very controversial proposition and I am so against it that I want to smack those families holding up their yellow signs at the street corners.
The proposition would change the California Constitution and add a section stating "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California." Why? Why would you want to eliminate the right for two people who love each other and vow to be faithful to each other -to get married.
I have been married to the same man for 32 years. I have two kids and I do not think that if gays have the right to get married, my marriage and family is in danger. Why do they hold up signs saying 'protect traditional marriage'? Why do they drag their small kids onto the street to wave, who do not even know what is going on.
And yes, these kids will be confronted with gay families one day, because they exist and you cannot change that. And better to learn about the different families early enough than to hide or cover the facts.
I have many gay friends and they seem to have a much more healthy relationship with their partners and are more faithful, than many hetero marriages that I know of. Look at the divorce statistics.
(I bet that some of those waving their signs have a family member who is gay, but they are so in denial.)

Anyway, I filed a complaint with Google Adsense as I do not agree with any political ad on my blog, whatever view it states. However, their rules and regulations say:

Political advertising is allowed.

We permit political advertisements regardless of the political views they represent. Stating disagreement with or campaigning against a candidate for public office, a political party, or public administration is generally permissible.

However, political ads must not include accusations or attacks relating to an individual's personal life, nor can they advocate against a protected group.

Yes, but listed under protected group, is "Sexual Orientation". So does that count? I sure think so. I have removed Google Adsense, but the ad still shows up and I do not know how long it takes for it to be removed.

This is frustrating. Usually no political discussion on my blog, but I just had to say something.

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