Oh, Popcorn...

Last night I lost my appetite, which is a good thing - after having a Carl Jr. for lunch, which is a bad thing.
I was upset. Our guinea pig, Popcorn, came back from where we had boarded him and he was only half his size. He had lost so much weight in two weeks, would not eat, drink or poop. His eyes did not look like cute black buttons but they were half closed and sunken in. He was lethargic and hiding in his house. No lettuce or cucumber could entice him to come out of hiding, a treat he could never refuse. I felt so bad for him and did not get much sleep. This morning the vet checked him thoroughly and when he said, we sure have a very sick fella here, I thought we could not save him. He thinks it must be a bacterial infection and we are trying everything, with antibiotics, feeding every two hours with a syringe, he received some hydrating fluid shot under his skin and we will observe him. Hopefully he will make it.


  1. Popcorn is in my thoughts. He'll make it. You'd be surprised what a little subcutaneous saline can do for a rodent. :)

  2. Thanks Jasmin for the good vibes. Popcorn is responding to cucumbers and nibbling a little - I am sure that he is getting his appetite back. Test results were good in a way that he does not have any parasites.

  3. go popcorn go!

    You can do it!