Not according to plan....

Well, I did not get anything done that I had planned over the weekend. The Coachella top is as far as it was the weekend before. I just need to knit about 3-4 inches in the round and cast off. Nothing easier than that. Teenie likes the top and she has been trying it on. The back seems shorter, I guess due to the slight heaviness of the neckline, it pulls the back up a bit. I plan on knitting a few short rows to even it out. I have seen that a few other knitters on Ravelry have done the same.

Our lazy Sunday mornings tend to expand through noon time. I usually make a big breakfast with bacon and eggs and set the table with fresh fruit, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheeses, assorted breads. We have different kind of jams and always some honey. And we are only three people, actually most of the time it is just the two of us as Teenie tends to sleep in or over at someone's place. It is the only time without any pressure where we can sit and read the paper or look at a magazine while nibbling on this and that. By the time we clear the table, the Chargers get ready to kick off. Last Sunday I was talking to my sister on Skype (free phone over the internet) and then my nephew hooked up to the call and then her husband, and finally my son also conferenced in. What fun we had and then it was already half-time.

Popcorn is hanging in there. His lab results were negative, meaning that he does not have a parasite. We are still hand-feeding him and he has been a little more responsive. I am crossing my fingers that he will make it, as he does not drink or have any appetite on his own, which I think is not a good sign, but the vet said that it takes a few days for the antibiotics to kick in and we should start seeing improvement soon. Hoping.
Thanks for sending get well wishes to a little guinea pig. The cutest one I have encountered so far....

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