Makeover, Home Edition

Oh boy, do I cry when I watch Extreme Makeover, Home Edition. Actually the only show on TV that would bring tears to my eyes, most other shows just make me angry.
So, I sit here in the hotel room, using a lot of tissues, dogs sleeping at my feet, counting my blessings.
We will be able to go back home tomorrow and I am so glad. The work is done, just some minor fixes, and we have been cleaning like crazy this weekend. I have never seen so much dust go everywhere, really everywhere.

This is the living room, different than the previous picture, right?

And here is one bathroom and another picture of the kitchen:

Yeah, and I love the look. And we decided to do a lot of decluttering. Definitely we do not need 4 sets of silverware (none of them complete) or that drawer in my dresser filled with cosmetic samples. I really use only one cream, lotion and perfume. We could have so much more space, that would be awesome.

The quiet evenings at the hotel were nice too, knitting while watching too much TV. I even colored a little in my mandala coloring book, (very relaxing).
The dogs are confused, but happy when we are here with them. (Here they are romping around on the hotel bed)

So, this chapter is done and it ended in a positive note. We are grateful for all we have and thank our friends who helped us fix and restore everything without much hassle. Now let's see how much hassle we will have with the insurance, which I will leave to the man of the house.

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