Election Day

Oh, I hope you are all going out to vote today. It's raining here, but it did not seem to bother any of the voters who were lined up in front of the polling office here in our neighborhood, isn't that great?
I guess I got a little excited yesterday. No, I don't want to smack those families, everyone has a right to have an own opinion. And so do I, but it shouldn't be here on this blog.

It's day two and I am waiting for the contractor to show up. I guess rain has delayed Carlos. One bathroom, the kitchen and the dining room are tiled. It looks great. Today he will grout that part and then the furniture gets moved to this side and the living room gets started.
We decided to increase our budget and get a new kitchensink and new granite countertops. The old ones are still from the 80s, those laminate ones, the same color as the oak cabinets, really ugly. The cabinets are in good condition. I want a new sink because I like the ones that are large without a divider in the middle. It would make washing pots so much easier.

I am working from home until noon, then will go into work for 4 hours. The dogs have been behaving at the hotel. Now it doesn't make me feel so bad and I will survive this week much better.

And while I am waiting for some emails to be responded to, I have taken out one of my journals and have started drawing in it, progress.

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  1. I voted at 8:01. No line, no waiting, no voting machines. I wonder why all states don't use those bubble-in ballots that we use. They're simple, inexpensive, virtually fool-proof...oh. Never mind. It'd be pretty hard to steal an election without all those controversial ballots, wouldn't it?