Dust in the air and everywhere

Currently sitting at home with the birds (while the dogs are at the hotel) and waiting for the contractor to come rip out the kitchen and bath tiles. Living and dining room laminate (which was wet) is already torn out. Yes, we decided to go with tiles and no more laminate. We found a really nice porcelain tile by Marazzi which is in a brown earth tone and will go well with the kitchen cabinets and the rest of our furniture. As we are not redoing the bedrooms - it also looks good next to the old laminate floors in there. The contractor wants to lay the tiles on a diagonal - I think that will work well. As the kitchen and the bathrooms were white tiles (which I hated by the way) we decided to redo these as well to match better. While they are at it, they might as well. Oh, here they are now.

Ah, the noise and the dust, here we go again. So, we are staying at a hotel close by, have a 2-bedroom suite with a kitchen. They accept dogs. First night we went for dinner and left the dogs in the room. Came back and found a note on the door that our dogs barked all night and we should do something about it. Ah, stress me some more. Now I have a tight schedule with daughter to take care of little Gino somehow because I think he is the barker. I go to work, come back, she goes to work, etc.
Oops, next door neighbor was here to check on what is going on, she is also paranoid about any water damage that may happen again. It was both our condos that have been affected in the past.
Let's see the positive points here:
- staying at the hotel is nice, I do not have to do housework
- we get to eat out (made a list of where I want to go eat this week) because insurance is paying
- and I have time for knitting and relaxing.
- I hated the kitchen tiles, white with white grout that you could never get clean, gone, yeah...
- Homedepot made a mistake and gave us a few boxes more than we paid for, yeah... I don't feel like going back and telling them now. I can do the bathrooms and will return anything that is not needed. Yeah, I don't care. Their mistake, my gain.

So, life is good, besides the little inconveniences around me, but I can deal with that.

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