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I was much more productive this past weekend. The Coachella is done and it fits nicely (rather tight on me - still good, but great on the Teenie).
The Teenie is modeling of course.

So I am really happy with that outcome.

Immediately after I had sewn in the loose ends, I jumped under the bed to look at my stash and also see what unfinished objects I have hiding there. Well, I pulled out this one

a knobby novelty yarn that has a squishy feeling, and seems to keep really warm. I had started it as a long shawl/scarf. I will fold the ends and sew them together as sleeves and there you go, Teenie has a cute, fun shrug. She already likes it. Just need to knit another few inches and that will be done too.
Next I am still planning on some fingerless gloves and a nice scarf, maybe a Moebius.
But before I go and spend money on yarn, I might continue on my swallowtail shawl, it's just waiting for me.

On a sad note, Popcorn did not make it. It was a sad and quiet Friday evening for us. We miss his squeaks and whistles.

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