Under Water

I cannot believe what happened last night. The toilet in our second bathroom got clogged somehow, no one knows how, and there was an overflow of massive amounts of water which we did not notice until the bird started squawking and Miss Teenie woke up to check and stepped into water.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, I give you flood number 4 in our small condo.
I do not know how we did it, but every towel that we could find was thrown on the water and used to mop and move waves through the front door, yes it was that bad.
Well, what can I say, between hot tears of anger, loud and angry accusations at everyone, even the dogs, of flushed (or let’s say not flushed) wads of toilet paper or tampons, wet knees and soaked shoes, we were able to dry everything within an hour. But it was too late to save the laminate flooring. It sucks up the moisture like a sponge and it has already started to warp and bubble.
The insurance has been called, the contractor (who did the floors the last time too) is on his way to tear out the floor and dry whatever is underneath it. This sucks.

The worst is yet to come, when we have to redo everything. The ordering of the laminate floor is a nightmare (see previous entries that I do not even want to look at without getting an anxiety attack) and moving around the furniture in this overstuffed 900 sqf condo is almost impossible.

Need to board the pets somewhere, maybe get a container to be placed in our parking spot and to store the furniture so the contractor can work smoothly and fast of course. Ah, we almost already got a routine, how sad.

As much as I love this place and its location it has not brought us much luck since we moved in. Maybe it is time for a change. Have been thinking about a big one for a while.

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