Moods and beads?

Thanks for the good wishes to becoming a great-aunt. It is wonderful to welcome a new baby into the family after 21 years. And we had such fun on Saturday, talking and looking at the new baby-girl using Skype (a great way to communicate for free with family abroad – or anywhere else for that matter)
But I really don’t like the term ‘great-aunt’ too much. It makes me think of a very old lady wearing a gray woolen skirt, a white blouse under a gray cardigan and stockings that are rolling down her calves. Thick legs that end in orthopedic shoes and white thin hair bunched up into a bun on the top of a wrinkly face. (sorry, not to offend anyone who is a great-aunt). I do not have any aunts or uncles, therefore no great-aunts/uncles either. The image must come from a movie or story….. who knows.
I have not knitted anything for Ella as my mother (the great-grandmother - and she does not look it at all) has been knitting for probably 9 months already. So there is enough knitted matter ready to wear. I will send her some cute outfits that can only be found here in the US. Her dad being a sports fan will really appreciate ‘San Diego Chargers’ gear. There are a few other gadgets you cannot find in Germany. Like the baby wipe warmer. When I saw this device at a baby shower I wanted one for myself. Great thing, but too heavy to mail and then they would need a converter/transformer to be able to plug it in. So I only sent my sister a picture and link, hopefully she can find it somewhere in Europe.

I am still knitting the Coachella in size small. Have not progressed much due to a bad cold I can’t seem to get rid of, which is accompanied by a low mood, weariness, discontentment and many more negative feelings that I am also trying to get over.
Coachella suggests placing four stitchmarkers. I usually never use any and if ever, then I just mark the place with scrap yarn. But on a much unexpected surge of energy I jumped up on Saturday evening, grabbed my jewelry tool boxes and made four markers with some pretty beads that are just waiting to be used. Nice. Feeling so much better already.

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