Hello World

An hour ago, a little baby girl was born in Göttingen, Germany, 4020g, 53 cm. My sister is the proud grandmother of Ella. Congratulations to all, we are expecting a lot of pictures.

I had almost finished Coachella with my Meringue Yarn (from the frogged asymmetric sweater), but after I tried it on, I had to admit it was too large in size M. So without even hesitating, I unraveled it again. This did not do well with the yarn itself. It does not like to be unraveled. The first sweater was soft to the touch of a narrow ribbon-like yarn. Now the edges of that ribbon are ragged and it feels a little rougher. Although I still think it would make a great Coachella and that is why I cast on size S immediately. There is no reason to wait or throw it all in the basket and brood over it. Just get it done.
If S does not fit me, then it will make a nice gift for someone, who I don’t know yet, maybe for the new ‘grandmother’?

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  1. Congratulations, "great auntie"! I became a great aunt for the first time when I was 25. Of course, I'd already been an aunt for 20 years by then. Could be worse; my aunt became a great-grandmother at 55 (do the math).