Dancing on a Line

Yup, I have signed up for Line Dancing again and attended my first class last night. You may think that I have gone through beginner’s class once and should remember a few steps, but hey, all seemed totally new to me. The teacher is a different one this time, and she is fast. She does have a sidekick/partner, a guy who watches the people in the back and helps them too while cracking jokes. Maybe I should move down a few rows.
So, the first dance we did, was the Electric Slide – everyone should know that one for upcoming weddings, bar mitzvahs, parties, etc. Yeah it came back to me but, man, am I rusty.
My problem is: no rhythm, two left feet, and actually not enough chutzpah to do the ‘shimmy’ in front of a group. And my upper body cannot do something different from what my legs are doing. So ‘shuffling’ 4 steps to the front, doing a kick and clapping at the same time, nah, that won’t work the first time around. That needs a lot of training. I did not even get the shuffle step and will have to practice that one. Yep, that’s how bad it is.
Back home my daughter tried to practice with me, but criticizing me on how I stand and how funny that looks, did not really help. I have to admit I had to go to the bathroom and lock myself in and try it in front of the mirror. Shameful.
Hey, I will not give up and I will go and embarrass myself again next week.
Shimmy On!

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  1. Shimmying is SUPPOSED to look funny! I think that's why people do it. Also, because it's fun and a crazy-awesome cardio workout. :)