I am in a good mood today. Two nice compliments made my day. What a great way to start the weekend or the month of August. At the checkout counter at my grocery store this morning, as I was picking up bagels and doughnuts for the office, the elderly handsome cashier (shit, he was probably just a few years older than I) commented on my outfit. “What a nice outfit, casual, yet elegant”, why thank you Mr. Cashier. I did not know that you notice these things (same guy had once admired my hand knit pullover, like that’s a very pretty sweater). And the other nice words I received this morning were from one of our engineers who was smearing his bagel and said, we could not live without you. How sweet. Thanks guys for these so appreciated yet so rarely given compliments.

Browsing through a new On-Line Magazine today Twist Collective.

I started the front of my summer tank, but man is my knitting slow. The bottom lace pattern is done and now I am just dragging at the stockinette part. And I wanted to wear this before the summer is over. It's August first, better speed up a bit here.

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  1. I think everyone just learned about the site from the Yarn Harlot's post today!