Knitting Math

Making progress on my Needful Yarn Summer Tank. Here is a picture of the original model in the OnLine Magazine.

The front neck line is asymmetrical and I changed that to a V-neck. I have knitted an asymmetrical sweater before, my Meringue Sweater which I finished last year and have not worn since. It did not work out with my bra straps to tell the truth and I am tempted to unravel the whole thing and knit something else. (Have been thinking about the Coachella on Knitty. )

I have almost finished the front now and love how it turned out.

I incorporated a piece of the lace border into the middle of the front and after about three inches divided the pattern to create the v-neck. Decreasing one stitch at a time and it worked out perfectly to meet the same number of shoulder stitches as the back. Whoo hoo.

Conversation with the Mister was like this:
Me: What is 61 divided by 19?
Mister: Why do you always have these uneven numbers?
Me: Well, that’s what I have – I have 61 stitches and they need to be 19 at the end. And I have 60 rows to knit to accomplish that. What do you get?
Mister: 30
Me: Cool, that means I decrease every other row. Thanks.
Mister: Yes, you just do that.

I don’t even know how we calculated this, but hey, it worked. The Mister is used to my questions that just pop out of nowhere for him. Always some stitches divided in half minus some other stitches that are cast off…. Well you know what I mean.

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