Too much Stuff

My binders at home are bursting with copies of projects that I found on the internet. Free of course. I love free patterns. I print them all when I find a link to them, even if I am not so sure that I will ever get to knit them. But you never know.
I have hole punched the papers and I would need to buy more binders to get them all filed. And now I realized that this is a lot of paper and we all want to be ‘green’, right?
So, I found this tool, it let’s you save anything that catches your eye. So far I have only saved web pages, but any note, email, photo, recording, etc. can be saved to your account. It is called Evernote. It may be that is one way to go, too. You can save all your favorite links, tag them and you are organized. Two things that do not work for me though are, the link may go away one day, after a blog has been deleted or a company has removed the ‘free’ pattern, etc. and also I had issues with the Firefox plug-in. And I am not a whiz, so I had no clue how to fix that, but to disable the plug-in. Evernote on the other hand seems to take a copy of the page you save and it cannot get lost again.

Not a whiz, but a geek. I want to get a new cellphone, the Palm Centro, in blue, so cool. I could also download Evernote and continue my quest of saving everything in one place.

Think about it, there will never be one place, really.
I already have too many notebooks and journals, mostly Moleskines, I do not know what to write into which. I just look at them because I love them.
I have multiple email accounts, don’t know why really, but use them all.
I sign up for every new web gadget and hope I will not forget my Username and PIN (have listed those in one of my journals).
I use Outlook for everything, but also carry a Filofax because I love them. I never write in it, or make notes of appointments because I have those on Outlook which I synchronize with my Palm Pilot.
I signed up on Shelfari, listed my books there, but also have a small journal just for books.
I probably have several journals where I keep notes on knitting projects. Why not just one?
I do not own a purse, I carry around a huge bag and I would not be surprised if my spine was crooked because of schlepping all this stuff around with me. The lightest thing in there is my knitting project.
My ultimate goal is to lighten my load, use one email account only and get a grip on myself. But that would be so boring and clutter free, wouldn’t it?

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