Nursery Rhymes

Last weekend we were invited to a baby shower. A very diverse group of people came together. The soon-to-be father, a colleague of the Mister, is from Iran and the expectant mother from Japan. The shower was organized by an American co-worker.

The first picture you got when entering the house was the large group of Japanese ladies, all nurses at a Japanese clinic (I did not know there was a Japanese clinic here in San Diego) and a male doctor sitting at the dining table. On the other side of the room was the Iranian group, men, women and kids sitting on the sofas around a coffee table that held a huge bowl of fruit. Each group chatting in their own languages.
Close to the kitchen a big buffet was set up, on one side Asian dishes and on the other side Persian dishes (yum).
As tradition has it, the organizer started to play some games. The first game was to guess nursery rhymes. Reading the hints out loud (little girl who is looking for her sheep, etc.), she was hit by a wall of silence. Hmm, this was a tough one, as no one was familiar with the Mother Goose rhymes, except one person, who won the prize, the German lady, Me.

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