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A very productive weekend it was. That’s why it went by much too fast. I blinked and it was Sunday evening. Probably should not have blinked.

My summer top is coming along fine. I have reached the armhole decreasing and now have about 8 inches (20cm) left till bind-off of back piece.

I have also worked on my tile project in the kitchen. I now call it the Faux painted kitchen tiles and have embedded a link to my Flickr page. I finished most of the walls in the kitchen, except behind the stove. That will be done next weekend. It’s fun and I love the outcome.

Movies we watched this weekend:
“Rumor Has It” – Directed by Rob Rainer with Jennifer Aniston, Shirley Maclaine and one of my favorites, Kevin Costner. A weird story where Jennifer Aniston’s character suspects that her family is the inspiration for the story and movie “The Graduate”. She thinks that Kevin Costner is her real dad who has slept also with her grandmother (Shirley Maclaine) – the “real” Mrs. Robinson. She also sleeps with him herself. Strange but romantic. And I do like Kevin Costner, kind of hot sometimes.

“No Country for Old Men” – a Coen Brothers movie, modern kind of Western, lots of blood, great performances by Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem. Tommy Lee Jones, the narrator, does not have a real big role, but the movie begins and ends with his voice which I also kinda like. Total guy movie, although Mister fell asleep (he usually does and I have to fill in the blanks).

Hoping for a great week.

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