What are you reading?

All the books that were lying around have been read. I really enjoyed That Old Ace in the Hole by Annie Proulx. Life in the panhandle does not seem very attractive, but in the end you feel for the community and its strange characters and understand why they are living there and not willing to give up their land to big developers.

Currently I am reading a German book that my mom sent me. Laienspiel the fourth book in a series of crime stories, solved by a Kommissar Kluftinger. It was written by two guys, a teacher and an editor of the local paper in Memmingen. Not far from the town my parents and sister live. Therefore, the setting is around Kempten and their book has obviously become a hit with the locals. I enjoy the original dialects written so clearly, you can hear the characters speak. Same as in Annie Proulx’s book, the panhandle slang and expressions were so original.

Well, time for lunch and on to the next chapter of Kommissar Kluftinger’s case…….

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