Movies at the end of the day

We got so much done this weekend. All furniture is back against the walls and the small stuff has been put back in place. Sunday morning we were finally able to have our usual "Grand Breakfast" at the dining room table. And the rooms look great, clean and fresh. The main color we chose has a great nuance and the light reflects off it differently during the stages of the day. Depending on the daytime it looks yellow or green, sometimes even gray - I love it.
So, after breakfast I started my next project, re-organizing my kitchen. It is a small kitchen and I felt it never really worked for me. Well, we have been living there for over 5 years and it never dawned on me that maybe I could re-arrange stuff to make it work for me. Now I am all ready to go. I drew a sketch of the cabinets on engineering paper (love to draw on quad pages) and labeled the drawers and cabinets with their new contents. I took my label maker home from work to label containers and spice jars, etc.

So I was really getting into it (and when I do, I tend to drop stuff) and was just sweeping up a broken Pyrex pan when my husband called to ask if someone could bring him a set of keys he had forgotten. Great...! Teenie was lounging at the pool with her girlfriend and I was frantically trying to keep the dogs out of the kitchen to spare them from cut-up paws. Great timing....
Although I was getting mad at him, I also thought that I needed a break. I vacuumed the floor, grabbed the trash bag and my car keys and headed out to Carmel Mountain (no make-up, lipstick or clean shirt). Thought I would just drop off the keys which I did with a deliberate frown (just so he knows) and then decided to look into Michaels and see if they had anything on sale. Yep, unfortunately they did. Plus 25% on total purchase after 4pm. No problem browsing through Michaels for another hour. And yes, I found stuff, a square mirror perfect for the darker wall and a great framed print with a Tuscany-style landscape. So pretty. (Everything so pretty, except me, which I noticed with a shock when I saw myself in that pretty mirror, horrors...)
Anyway, rushed home and marveled at my new possessions but did not look into any mirror for the rest of the day.
Kitchen to be continued, will also be painted (green).

Finally settling down in front of the TV, I remembered that we have a movie to watch. Through a co-worker I signed up with Netflix. One movie at a time, (who has time for movies anyway) and the first month is free. In 2 months I have watched 1 movie (don't know if this membership is going to be worth it). Bella a foreign film and a very mellow, little bit of a sad story, but worth watching. Last night Dan in Real Life was waiting for us and I just loved it. A romantic comedy, nothing what you would expect from trailers, no silly slap-stick type of comedy, but a nice warm and heartfelt story, that helped to get away from it all. I would watch it again. Love Steve Carell. Even think he is sexy.... cute nose.

In the end, the weekend was successful. I bought stuff, I never planned on buying, I opened up precious space in my cabinets by dropping an old Pyrex pan and I learned to look into the mirror before leaving the house. (Note to self: hang that new mirror up at the front door).


  1. Dan in Real Life in one of my new favorites. I expected a lot less, and I was pleasantly shocked.

    I don't think I've laughed that hard in ages. I love the part where they're singing about the girl. :)

    If you liked Steve Carrell in that, rent Little Miss Sunshine. He's great in that too. (He has a wicked sexy beard!)

  2. Hey, that's the Michaels I use! You must live somewhere near me! I don't know what your work schedule is like, but there is a knitting group that meets at Panera (near Michaels)every other Wednesday from 9-11am, if you're interested.

  3. I liked Dan in Real Life too. I love netflix. I don't care if I get my monies worth really. I just love not going to the video store. Congratulations on the "de-cluttering" I love that point of view.

    I will be moving to PB myself soon and have to start packing and throwing stuff away. eek! guess that is what I will do tonight.