Get Smart

Something that I should get. Smart. Smarter….. Street Smart…. Teenie has it, she always seems to know what to do and how to do it. Nowadays there are times when I ask her for advice. Money Smart… that would help, too. Not that I overspend, no, but I ask myself often, how come we live from paycheck to paycheck and at the end of the month struggle with $20 to take us to Payday Friday. And on the other hand I look at cabins in Big Bear and I want to buy one (does not seem that smart). Well, dreaming has never hurt and I am sure that we will get out of this slump one day. My last Panda Express fortune cookie said: “Daydreams may be pleasant, but accomplishments are more satisfying”. I live in Pleasantville today and tomorrow I will have moved to a mountain cabin, dying my home-spun wool and spending time with all the animals in the house and the backyard. Do you see my family of alpacas
or pygoras? Sounds smart.

And back to my title: On Friday the movie Get Smart opens in theaters. I am looking forward to that one. I loved the TV series when I was a kid. Maxwell Smart and 99, such a perfect pair. “I missed it by that much” , “Sorry about that Chief”, “Good thinking, Max” and I could go on. I was glued to the TV once a week to watch the duo defeat KAOS. Well, actually I was always glued to the TV, at our home it was on 24/7 or as long as there was a program to be broadcast. We lived in Tehran at that time and were lucky enough to get the AFN TV and Radio station. That is why I am familiar with all those shows from the 60s and 70s. So much fun. Not many shows to watch nowadays, or let’s say, not as much time to watch TV as in those days.
We may not go to see the movie as we never go to the cinemas anymore. We will wait for the DVD. We used to go to the movies every weekend in Tehran, which was one of the main activities there. Saved our pocket money for the movie ticket and an ice cream. If it was a great picture we would walk to the next record store and buy the soundtrack. I guess most of them were pirate copies. I still have the 45 rpm vinyl records somewhere in storage. (and some 78 and a lot of 33 1/3 vinyls – wonder if they are worth anything nowadays?)
Those were the days, dreaming on.

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