Chocolate brown wall

We are going to finish painting the dining room tonight. Since the long Memorial weekend we have been painting the living and dining room. That is one week for what? 600 sf? Well, it takes that long when you only have a few hours a day due to work and then go to a bbq on Sunday (very bad timing).
However, I think we made a good team, I was masking along and he followed with the brush. Basic paint color is called 'Boutique Beige'. The back wall of the dining room is our accent wall in a rich chocolate color, same as the new sofa. Looks great. Just needs another coat tonight - so he says, being the perfectionist. I would have been fine with it. Move the china cabinet back, two bird cages to the left and right and you barely get to see any chocolate brown anyway. So I do not know what the big deal is. But that's me, I hate renovating and decorating. I do not have the patience for painting at all. It has to be done fast and painless, one week with all the clutter in this small space, the dogs jumping over the paint trays and the birds screeching because they don't like the spot their cages are located temporarily has put my nerves on edge. And I really mean on edge, like when I hear the bird scream one more time, my nerve ends stand straight up and I am going to open that cage door let him fly out through the patio door. Good riddance.
And no real food. Just some take-out that we eat standing up because the dining room table, kitchen counters, coffee table are all holding the stuff that was in the china cabinet, the entertainment center and all the screwdrivers and socket plates and I don't know what else joined this mess, mail, coupons, laundry. Argh.
Tonight it has to be finished or else....
Pictures may follow of the clean area. No before and after that would be too embarrassing. (Daughter says it looks like a frat house).

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  1. Good for you!

    In the past nine years, I've painted every room in my house at least twice, and most three times. I've painted the downstairs bath four times. None of this includes the periodic touching up and repainting in the same color.

    I love to paint. Not the painting itself, actually, but the way it completely transforms a room for under 30 bucks. I'm also a very quick painter (lots of practice), so it's a low-investment, high-return sort of activity.