I read a lot. Several books at a time. Actually at this time I am reading more than I am knitting. Usually my nightstand holds all my newly bought books. I love to look at them and try to chose which one will be next. One of the current books I am reading
before I fall asleep is on top of the pile. Today it is The Shop on Blossom Street, another knitting book. A very light and relaxing read for me. The comfort of the yarn shop and the companionship between these so different women is a familiar feeling. I do think though that the author of "The Friday Night Knitting Club" copied the storyline a bit and I feel like I have read this before. But I do like Debbie's book more.
I just finished The Secret Lives of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. This was a lovely book and I recommend it. A heartwarming story set in the 60s during the racial turmoil.
I also finished Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle. A great book that is so close to home. Living in San Diego we come in contact with illegal Mexican immigrants on a daily basis, they are waiting for work on every street corner and in the evening you see them walk back towards the canyons where they have a makeshift camp, trying hard to support large families at home. In Boyle's book immigrants and an upper class community share the same canyon, unwillingly.

Now I have run out of shelfspace, of course and I already have 15 boxes with books in storage as I cannot part with them. I did send the last 3 books to my mother in Germany for her to read, she does not have that much space either. But at least we share. I am intrigued by the new Amazon device Kindle, the electronic reader. Looking at the reviews and blog comments it sure seems like a great investment. This would be a very space saving and portable device. But I still like the look of all my books on my shelf. Pulling one out, leafing through it, smiling when I see a long forgotten bookmark or notes on the side that I wrote down in high school, decades ago. That would be missed. Maybe I will wait for the 2.0 version, updated and cheaper (hopefully).
Oh, speaking of 2.0. I won a book through Stella's blog. The Food 2.0 Cookbook. And a lunchbag with the same logo. Thanks Stella, what a nice surprise. Adding to my collection of cookbooks.
I need a bigger house.

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  1. I love to read, too (my first degree is in literature), and have tons of books. My husband, who doesn't read, does not understand why we can't get rid of them, and why every room in the house has at least one bookcase.

    I read The Shop on Blossom Street, which was sweet, and I'm currently reading The Friday Night Knitting Club. I haven't heard of Tortilla Curtain before, but I live on the edge of the Penasquitos Canyon Preserve and pass by the migrants on their way home every evening when I walk my dog. There is an entrance to one of the camps on my regular walking route. I'll have to find that book.