What's a Chug?

Last Friday I would have said, not much going on here. I have redone the bottom of my Mr. Greenjeans jacket. It looks much better now. The additional yarn that I ordered has arrived in the meantime, but I could not find the same colorway. It seems to be ok with this color. Sofar I have knitted half of both sleeves with the old yarn and the part with the cable pattern will be used with the new one. At least both sleeves will be the same.
Ahh, I jinxed that already. When I picked up the stitches from the first sleeve and I happily knitted to the end of the yarnball, I used the 5.0 mm needles. Then I picked up the stitches of my second sleeve and finished the yarnball and noticed that I had used the 4.5 mm needles. Darn it, I could see the difference. And I could not live with that, so I undid the first sleeve and just now started to reknit it with the 4.5 mm needles as this choice looked better to me. This jacket is turning out to be an endless project.
Since the weekend things have changed in our household. We have yet another new member to
welcome to our family. Come on in "Gino".

Teenie decided that she wanted this little guy who did not have a home. In spite of our pleading that we already have 5 pets, one of them a 5 year old spaniel mix, who will not be happy to share this family, she went out on Sunday and brought him back home. Here he is walking into his new home and into our hearts. A Chug. A Chihuahua/pug mix.

I can only say, he is very cute, but she broke Cooper's heart. Cooper would not make eye contact with Teenie for 2 days and he totally ignored the puppy. Today he has warmed up to both again, but his sad face was unforgettable.
He is our favorite and first dog, so he gets his treat, belly rub and hug first. Gosh, these pets, someone give me a belly.... no, really a backrub.

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