To dog out ( clothe, dress, cover)

A wonderful 3-day weekend, due to President's Day. I enjoyed the time off, but there was a lot to do. The puppy is fun, but Teenie has her hands full. I was dogsitting Saturday as the kids went snowboarding. Cooper and I had a great time with Gino, who is sweet and very eager to learn and to satisfy. They both are starting to get along and enjoy a bit of fun and romping around.

Gino gets tired fast and almost goes limp falling asleep. So cute. But this here is not to be only about the dogs. I took some time Friday and Saturday night and knit a small sweater for Gino, kind of just eyeballed it and it came out great. He wears it with pride. And as usual I will try try to write down the pattern, it was so easy.

Update: I have written the pattern and you can go get it here:
Chug Puppy Sweater
or download it here from Ravelry

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