Trip Report/Reisebericht

Finally I have chosen my favorite pictures from our trip. A slide show can be seen on the right.
Our trip started in Los Angeles and I was not very impressed with LAX airport. Check-in is now automated, you just need to enter your e-ticket confirmation number and personal information on a monitor. Standing in line to do that, we were yelled at by a United lady accusing us of trying to cut in line, which I definitely would never do. Then we were rudely pushed towards a monitor by same United employee, although that monitor was still being used by a passenger, when I wanted to point that out, we were kind of brushed off, so we stood behind other passengers until we could start our check-in.
The flight to Frankfurt was ok, what can you expect when you sit in economy for 10 hours. Service used to be so much better in the old days, and I probably really mean 'old days' when my parents would dress us up to go on our trips and we would enjoy the meals and service and gifts for the children (that would have been me), like coloring books and airline wings to pin on. All in economy. But that must have been such a long time ago.
Now you wear sweat pants and comfortable shoes to avoid an embolism in such a tight space and you layer your tops to adjust to the changing temperatures and hope to be able to sleep through this ordeal. The blankets and pillows used to be so soft and comfy. My husband's grandmother used to sew the pillow covers for an airline - in the 70s. They were down pillows with handsewn covers....yes, I still remember those.
Anyway, I don't want to complain, we traveled safely and that is what counts today.

We arrived at my parents' and sister's house at 8pm local time and it was a great reunion.
After a good night's rest, we even tricked the jet-lag and started to explore this new-to-us area.

A lot of snow, freezing temperatures, frozen lakes. There was so much to see and it was so much fun. I enjoyed watching Teenie explore everything, discovering snacks and sweets that she used to eat when she was little and getting all excited about it.

Guess what, a pink phone in a yellow booth. That was a highlight.

We took the ICE train (really fast one)

to Berlin, which was a 7hour trip, but time flew by. We were comfortable and were entertained by the frozen landscape passing by outside.

Oh, and we also watched dvds on our little portable player, Shrek II, Pirates III.

Berlin was great. We stayed with friends, walked down memory lane, met our old neighbors by coincidence, took the subway, ate a 'Currywurst' and a "Doener Kebab" and had a great time. Teenie spent time with her kindergarten friend and got to meet a lot of girls her own age. They went clubbing and had a ball. Of course her highlight was that she could legally order a beer.
Or drink Paris Hilton's new sparkling stuff called Rush which she had promoted in Berlin the previous month.

There are many more highlights that I still need to write down. And I will one step at a time. That way I can enjoy the memories of this trip much longer.

Es war so schoen, wieder in Deutschland zu sein. Ein Wiedersehen mit der Familie, die mir gefehlt haben, und mit ihnen Weihnachten zu feiern, war so wertvoll.
Der Weihnachtsmarkt in Kempten mit Stimmung und Gluehwein bei eisiger Kaelte - so schoen.

Im Schnee mit dem Hund spazieren zu gehen, einfach herrlich.

Berlin war natuerlich auch wunderbar. Ein richtiger Nostalgie-trip. Es war schoen, Freunde zu sehen und auch durch Strassen zu laufen, die sogar nach 40 Jahren unveraendert sind. Meine liebsten Photos habe ich rechts gelinkt. Da kann ich immer wieder reinschauen und mich an die schoene Zeit erinnern.

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