Running out of steam (yarn)

Ok, I ran out of yarn, the Filatura Crosa for Mr. Greenjeans, but I knew that would happen, I only had 500g. So I am searching for same online. The Yarnshoppe seemed to offer the best price, but I emailed them first to check if the have the same lot number too. I finished the body of the cardigan and started on one sleeve until the yarn ran out. I still have one ball of yarn left which I will use on the other sleeve, so hopefully if I only find a different dye lot I can use the newly acquired yarn on the sleeve cuffs and on the front band.In the meantime, I will continue with Muir. Or let's say start over again.

There is nothing like driving to work in the morning and listening to John Fogerty to put a smile on my face. Rock on.

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