Good Grief Mr. Greenjeans

Our colleague had her baby this morning, a boy. How sweet. I did get a chance to talk to her last week and she really likes the beanie and socks that I had knit for her. I hope the baby will enjoy them too....

The new Knitty Winter Issue is here and again a few really nice patterns. I especially like this Sweater. Lace knitting, always a favorite of mine and this really has a classic look to it.

Speaking of lace, I started the Muir Shawl again. I cast-on only 93 stitches this time and knit the pattern repeat in each row only twice. By reducing the width by one pattern repeat, I do hope to save some yarn, as I felt my yarn would not be enough for a nice long shawl.

I can't believe the mistake I made and just noticed it now.

To my shock last night I realized that I had completely screwed up the pattern of Mr. Greenjeans.
Really... what was I on when I started the bottom part with the cable pattern. It was this pattern that had appealed to me in the first place. Yes, it is simple to knit, but maybe I should have paid a bit more attention when reading the instructions, which say clearly:

Row 1: K2, [k4, p2] to last 6 sts, k6.
Rows 2 and 4: P2, [p4, k2] to last 6 sts, p6.
Row 3: K2, [k4, p2, C4F, p2] to last 6 sts, k6.
Repeat Rows 1-4 for Rib and Cable Patte

And what did I do? I p2'd and C4F'd in Row 3 forgetting to k4 in between - so now I have cable/purl/cable/purl... I finished the bottom and bound off and even started one sleeve without noticing.
It was when I was browsing on Ravelry looking at other finished Mr. Greenjeans projects when I noticed that they do look different. Suddenly it hit me so hard I had to laugh out loud. What the f...!
I know why this happened. Because I can't read instructions, I need charts, which I usually write down for myself, but in this case, I thought the pattern is simple, I don't need a chart. I pay attention to detail... well, it seems that I don't. Me, the person whose resume states 'detail-oriented' under skills and again in each previous job description. Now don't rely on me. You can see clearly that I am not into details at all, but rather shallow-brained.....
Last night I unraveled about 19cm which I will knit again starting this weekend. No big deal.

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