Muir KAL

Romi has invited me through Ravelry to join the Muir Knit-along. That is so exciting to see how many other knitters have started this project and what yarn they are using and how they are enjoying it. She has a link to the KAL on her website and also a Yahoo Group for those who are not on Ravelry yet.
I am not getting very far with my stole, because I need some Me-Time to work on this pattern. I do not like to get interrupted when I am in the middle of counting stitches and yarnovers. But I should not complain, because on the other hand I am so glad that my teenie loves to spend time with me and we always make sure that we have dinner together. Yes, it is always about her and she talks without any punctuation, entertains all of us, including the dog. And then she is off again into her room to do her things.

Back to Muir, I have almost finished the first repeat and I love the result. The only concern that I have is that I might not have enough yarn, so I may undo all and cast on less stitches to make it narrower. (don't know if that is a word). It is too hard to undo what I have done so far, but I think it is going to be worth it.

My Meringue sweater is progressing fast. I have finished the front and the back and now I am knitting both sleeves on one needle, as I hate doing sleeves. This weekend I should be done with that.
I am hosting a 'Kaffeeklatsch' on Saturday and a few girlfriends are coming by with their crafts, one of them quilts and the other always brings something interesting along. Last time she was decorating gourds. It seemed like so much fun. I will bake a German Kaesekuchen and we will have a nice afternoon. A great time to finish my sweater.

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