Our Yarn Crawl (1)

Our Yarn Crawl was a very successful event. We made it to five different Local Yarn Shops in San Diego County. First we met at The Needleworks. A nice shop, but they do not offer a large variety or maybe I just did not see anything that I liked. The owner got quite irritated by the two boys (7 and 4) who came along with one of our group members. They were, well boys, playing around with their paint stirrers. And why is it that I almost always feel responsible? Their mom was really calm about it and I admire that.

Next we all crammed into a Jeep (but left the mom with her two boys to run her other errands for the day) and off we went to Pacific Beach, to visit the The Needlecraft Cottage. I love these old houses close to the beach and this one is converted into a yarn shop, so darling. (Much better than a legal or real estate office, which always seem to lease the nicest little houses for their businesses). Now I would make up a room for myself and live in that house, that would be the coolest thing ever. The owner was very nice and helpful and they offered many different yarns, also a lot of handspun and dyed yarns. But as always I did not make any notes on what they carried- as usual. I was just browsing from one little room through the other and enjoying myself. Though I did not buy anything there.

After a nice breakfast, yarn shopping makes you hungry (me actually dizzy from browsing), we drove north to La Jolla. Knitting in La Jolla is located off of Prospect right next to the Hard Rock Cafe. At the door I rummaged through the Sale basket and found some ribbon yarn: Meringue in smoke heather, a beautiful grey that I know I will love to wear some day as something. 9 skeins were left and I grabbed them, my friend took hold of the plum colored ones.

to be continued.............

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