I started this Elann sweater with the Meringue yarn. The instructions are easy to follow and I like that the simple stockinette stitch brings out the ribbon texture of the yarn and the assymmetrical design gives it some umph... and it should be a fast knit.

I have also cast on Muir with my yellow dyed sock yarn. Although I thought the yarn may not be right, it feels as if the Merino will show the pattern in a lovely way. The instructions are easy to follow from the chart but they do need my full attention, so this is not a project to knit in front of the TV or during lunch break. So progress is slow, but I already love the result.
The pattern caught my eye right away because of its name. Muir Woods is a lovely place, north of San Francisco and I have been there a few times when we still lived in the Bay Area. Now I have a longing to visit the woods again and take a walk under those magnificent redwood trees. I love the damp mushroomy smell and the light changing with the movement of the leaves and branches, alternating between shadows and sunrays. Just a short walk from the visitor center is Muir beach, a nice area for a picnic.
Now back to the shawl. I do like the idea of a green color to go with the pattern and its name. Maybe I will re-dye it after I finished. Just don't know if that would work.

A lot of things have been going on lately. I have been looking around for a new job and have sent out three applications so far. I am being really picky, not desparate.

Our last weekend was scheduled around the Red Bull Air Races in San Diego, a very fun and exciting event. We got to go through a former schoolmate of mine, such a sweet gal. She and her husband own the production company that exclusively does all the film and pictures of this race worldwide.

And the greatest news of all: I booked a flight to Germany for Christmas. Teenie and I will visit the family. I am happy, excited and sad because not all of us can go together. But this is better than nothing after having not seen her grandparents in six years, it is about time for the Teenie to travel.

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