Check - yes or no/one, two, three

Ok, enough self-pity! Reading my last entry wanted to make me puke (I have deleted it).
Woman, get a grip on yourself. All things can be solved.
I am planning that trip to Germany to see my family this winter. Check one.
I can always go out and find another job. And I have started connecting with ex-coworkers. Check two.
I have to hang in there and wait till this real estate low picks up again. I can sell my Google stocks which will carry me over a few more months. Check three.
I will go out more and enjoy the beautiful area I am living in. Check four.
I will find someone to cuddle with. Check five.

Maybe that sorrowful writing helped me open my eyes again.
Anyway.... glad I got rid of that.

My Fortune Cookie today says: "Someone from your past will happily re-enter your life soon"Actually, some time ago, after our class reunion, I sent an email to one of my class friends who now lives in Melbourne, Australia and we have been updating each other about the past 20 years that we had lost touch. It is so great to hear from friends from the past again. I am curious just who will re-enter my life.

Knitting on. I have restarted the socks twice. First time around I make a mistake in the pattern which is really a very easy one and by now I got it.
The second time, I had already finished the heel but I felt that the sock was too big. The lace pattern would scrunch around my ankle and that is not how it should look. This one I think I will have to block to make it show itself off. That would mean that I have a way too big sock after blocking. So, I started a third time with a smaller size and I think it is the right one. Almost at the heel.
These would be my second socks as I am not too crazy about knitting socks and really don't need any here in San Diego. The climate even in the winter, rarely requires warm socks. This little yellow, sunny sock is just right for here.
Nevertheless, I do collect all kind of sock patterns. I just love imagining knitting one of each. Who knows, maybe one day I will end up living in a cooler climate again, then it is time to bring out all those wonderful patterns.

Strickendes. Die Socke habe ich nun schon ein drittes Mal angeschlagen. Beim ersten Mal ist mir im Muster ein Fehler unterlaufen. Dann habe ich festgestellt, dass sie doch ein wenig zu gross scheint. Da war ich schon an der Ferse vorbei. Nun nach dem dritten Mal, in einer kleineren Groesse, gefaellt sie mir ganz gut. Dieses Lochmuster muss am Fuss anliegen und nicht aufbauschen. Alle guten Dinge sind drei, oder wie war das?

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